About Me

A Philadelphia Native Matthew F. Rios was born on the 4th of July, 1989 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA into a Puerto Rican family. He has always had many dreams and aspirations. Matthew as his close friends call him today began to notice his passion and well-deserved gift for the arts when he began grade school at St. Hugh of Cluny Elementary School. Taking part in every school play and or production Matthew began to receive awards for his participation. Growing up and making his way out of Junior High and into High School he continued to receive numerous of awards and acknowledgements. During his time at CHAD (Charter High School of Architecture and Design) Matthew realized that he wasn’t as interested in the visual component of that Art but more into the Performing aspect of it all. During Matthew’s junior year he decided to pursue his dreams and look for a School in which he would be able to train and develop his talents. Shortly after his search began he finally came across a performing arts academy in the center city section of Philadelphia. He began taking classes at CEG Performing Arts Academy. His training began in Drama and Modeling under the direction of the CEO/Founder Cristina Elena Guzman formal Ms. Philadelphia 1999 and a well-known and respected educator in the Philadelphia region, he began to identify who he really was as a up-rising artist. After getting deeper into his training he began to take classes in Salsa & Hip-Hop in order to get his dance technique to where he needed it to be. Matthew began to admire and look up to one of his dance instructor Roberto Rodriguez-Garcia who’s also a well known dancer/performer and educator in the Classical, Urban, and Latin dance scene. Mr. Garcia never has allowed Fernando to second guess himself or his potential for success. With this amazing support and professional instruction Matthew has been motivated to go above and beyond his comfort zone. In the past couple of years Matthew has taking part in many shows with CEG Performing Arts Academy, for example; Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade, CEG Runway/Fashion Show, Sesame Street Talented Kids Production to name a few. He does special appearances on performances that CEG holds as well as trying out for different project/productions through out the Philadelphia/New York City region. While attending the Community College of Philadelphia he still trained and was in an ongoing play called Trojan Women. After performing night after night he then graduated with an Associates in Theater. After graduating he joined the William Esper Studio for a six week summer intensive. At the studio Matthew established the unique way of reading off another actor called the Meisner technique and how repeating simple words can create a scene. He has trained with Bryan Fox and other acting instructors such as Sam Christensen (Casting Director for the show M*A*S*H) were he trained for a four day intensive about the image process when doing a read for an audition or just in general to "JUST BE YOURSELF" and also Sam hints at other aspects on how to be a better actor inside and out. He is currently freelancing with several agents in Philadelphia and New York, hoping to make his dream become reality. He as also dabbed into stand up comedy training with different instructors such as Sheila Master at PHIT Comedy @ The Adrienne Theatre in Philadelphia and also Chip Chantry at Helium Comedy Club. Matthew has truly shown himself as well to all that he has touched with his smile, charm, and talent that he is more then ready to go out there and share a little of himself with the world!

"Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances" -Sanford Meisner-


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